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  • Update (14th of March)

    Few updates on recent developments: Logistics hub in Lesna Wola has collected about around 50t of horse food. The horse trucks to transport from Lesna Wola to Lviv delayed and new estimation is to leave on Monday, 14th. Their capacity is about 15t in total. The transport of bigger quantities will be arranged with company […]

  • First donations!

    Our bank account for the donations was opened just yesterday. For today evening, we have received already over 4500€ in donations! This will be taken immediately into use as the first shipment reaches the logistics point near Lviv in Ukraine. Thank you very much! In parallel, we will work on making it possible to donate […]

  • Urgent! Horse transport needed

    This is from where the requests for help in Ukraine were confirmed withing last two days, originate from: (markers are approximate, not precise locations for security reasons) There are safe areas and transportation stables available to bring horses to safety. Local people are coordinated, know the routes, have the drivers, can acquire the fuel. But […]

  • Donations open

    The bank account for donations is now open. Please see the details here: Donations will first be used for transportation from logistics point in Poland to logistic and distribution point near Lviv. Thank you very much for all donations and for your patience. And meanwhile, below are the supplies gathered so far, ready to load […]

  • First supplies arrived to Poland

    First feed deliveries arrived to our logistics point in Lesna Wola, in Poland! More expected to come tomorrow. The transport will go to Lviv / Ukraine on Wednesday evening UPDATE: could not leave on Wednesday night, current plan is to leave on Saturday (12th of March) with 3 trucks. Everything is arranged! Once the supplies […]

  • Update (6th of March)

    The logistics hub in Poland is up and running, accepting feed and horses. First convoys are planning to cross to Ukraine Thuesday/Wednesday (8th/9th). In Ukraine side there is another logistic hub near Lviv and a network of distributors. Ukrainian Horse Society and Ukrainian Horse Union have been coordinating help and collecting requests on the field […]

  • Supplies distribution

    Supplies distribution

    A logistical support point for the shipment of humanitarian aid has been set up in Poland to further send to Ukraine and receive evacuated horses from Ukraine. The point is located in the equestrian club LESNA WOLA ul. Leśna Wola 836 – 060 Głogów Małopolski Paland. https://www.lesnawola.plContact points on site for coordination and unloading assistance:+48 […]

  • Update (3rd of March)

    We have initial agreements on the logistics hub location, working out the details. The number of people and organizations who have contacted us, offering help, has reached over 250. There are also contacts outside of Europe, from United States and Canada. There are 50 contacts offering help with transport from border, over 150 offering accommodation […]

  • Update (2nd of March)

    No changes in crossing the border with Europe. The rules stay the same. If help is needed with paper work to evacuate horses, please contact us. Fighting in Kiev and other regions – many roads are blocked and/or impossible or dangerous to drive. This makes it hard to reach the border. We work on options […]

  • Message from Mykhaylo Parkhomchuk

    On behalf of the Ukrainian Equestrian Federation, I want to express my sincere gratitude for your support and help. My name is Mykhaylo Parkhomchuk. A lot of you know me. I am the General Secretary of the Ukrainian Equestrian Federation. At this time, I am in Belgium and I am engaged in the opening of […]