Urgent! Horse transport needed

This is from where the requests for help in Ukraine were confirmed withing last two days, originate from:

(markers are approximate, not precise locations for security reasons)

There are safe areas and transportation stables available to bring horses to safety. Local people are coordinated, know the routes, have the drivers, can acquire the fuel. But there is a shortage of vehicles for horse transportation. At this very moment there is 2 cars who are taking the trips back and forth to bring 2 horses at a time from danger zone to closest transportation stable.

This is how it is set up:

  1. Horse owners announce in the community forums/chats or call the contacts shared there
  2. Volunteers coordinated by Ukrainian Horse Society and Ukrainian Horse Union find the options for solutions.
  3. Volunteers arrange the contacts to be exchanged.

At the moment, there are more than 25 open requests to evacuate horses, in some cases, the whole stable requests evacuation. There are drivers who can help, but they do not have vehicles for horse transportation. Horse vans and cars with trailers can be arranged to cross the border from Poland to Ukraine as part of the humanitarian convoys. Drivers can be found who will deliver them from Poland to Ukraine.

We are looking for a contact who can find a way to deliver a horse transport capable vehicle to Poland/Ukrainian border within next few days and donate it to be used as a round-the-clock transportation to bring horses to safety. Please write support@helpukrainehorses.eu with subject “Donate vehicle” if you are able to do so.

Because the bank account of UEF Charity Foundation for donations was open only on the 9th of March, we do not have funds yet to finance the purchasing such vehicle. But if no other way, we will have to wait for donations and use donated money and try to purchase vehicles from Poland and deliver them to Ukraine.

UPDATE: got the requirements for the truck from the driver:

  • Medium sized truck for up to 5 horses – there are roadblocks everywhere and complicated to use large truck
  • Without living compartment – as this is adds extra weight and takes room
  • With ability to attach 2 horse trailer (which is also needed, as the ideal setup would be to take 5+2 horses)
  • Reliability is the most important factor