Update (6th of March)

The logistics hub in Poland is up and running, accepting feed and horses. First convoys are planning to cross to Ukraine Thuesday/Wednesday (8th/9th). In Ukraine side there is another logistic hub near Lviv and a network of distributors. Ukrainian Horse Society and Ukrainian Horse Union have been coordinating help and collecting requests on the field constantly. The logistics and getting the help to where needed is the hardest part of this operation.

The number of people and organizations who have contacted us, offering help, has reached over 900. Besides Europe but there are also many offering help from the United States and Canada, even from Mexico and Singapore.

There are close to 200 contacts offering help with transport from border. There are offers for stabling places to over 1000 horses currently, many can also accommodate accompanying people and their families. Around 130 contacts have offered employment opportunities. Many contacts represent also groups or organizations or are representatives who can coordinate further with local communities.

At the same time, we have launched data collection from clubs and stables regarding there needs for the following three weeks. We map the general situation in their region, situation with horses welfare and ask to provide information on what are the needs.