Supplies distribution

A logistical support point for the shipment of humanitarian aid has been set up in Poland to further send to Ukraine and receive evacuated horses from Ukraine.

The point is located in the equestrian club LESNA WOLA ul. Leśna Wola 8
36 – 060 Głogów Małopolski Paland.
Contact points on site for coordination and unloading assistance:
+48 608 530 797 Ewa POL / EN

+48 889 194 993 Andrii POL / UKR

+48 693 685 630 Tomek POL / EN

Taking into account that humanitarian aid will cross the Polish-Ukrainian border with the passage of customs procedures and the lack of equipment at the destination for unloading, please bring only 3 types of aid:
1. Haylage in small packages weighing up to 30 kg. For example:

  1. Compound feed for horses (muesli / horsefood) in bags weighing up to 30 kg.
  2. Sawdust (shaving) pressed in packing up to 30 kg.

Alternatively, it is possible to purchase feed from webshops and set delivery to our supply points. See the instructions.

Please coordinate the sending of humanitarian aid through form in our website:

Notify the intention to bring assistance, what exactly and in what quantity, agree on the date and approximate time of arrival. Please try to avoid arrival outside of business hours and confirm the transfer/unloading via phone.