First supplies arrived to Poland

First feed deliveries arrived to our logistics point in Lesna Wola, in Poland! More expected to come tomorrow. The transport will go to Lviv / Ukraine on Wednesday evening UPDATE: could not leave on Wednesday night, current plan is to leave on Saturday (12th of March) with 3 trucks. Everything is arranged!

Once the supplies reach to Lviv, then of course the hardest part of the challenge starts – how to get it distributed. Roads are blocked to many regions. Fuel is not always available. In the help requests listings that Ukrainian Horse Society and Ukrainian Horse Union are maintaining, there are over 25 requests to help to transport the horses inside Ukraine who have not found any solution as of now.

Thank you for the fantastic support and help! Based on reports, more than 100 people, clubs and companies donated feed or are in process of collecting donations in their communities from all over the world, including Austria, Canada, Czech Republic, Finland, France, Germany, Ireland, Japan, Luxembourg, Norway, Poland, Slovenia, Slovakia, Sweden, Romania, United Kingdom, USA.

We are expecting more trucks from UK, Finland, Germany, Belgium and other countries arriving. For large scale donations we have arranged a special solutions using the facilities for humanitarian support of Ukraine.

Setting all this up in such a short time, ensuring an orderly and professional process, organising and planning everything so that there is no chaos takes time. Many thanks to all who support us!