Update (14th of March)

Few updates on recent developments:

  1. Logistics hub in Lesna Wola has collected about around 50t of horse food.
  2. The horse trucks to transport from Lesna Wola to Lviv delayed and new estimation is to leave on Monday, 14th. Their capacity is about 15t in total.
  3. The transport of bigger quantities will be arranged with company Tomalo Trans via their customs warehouse near the border.

To address the increasing questions for what we will use the donated money:

1) So far the donated money has not been spent yet – the reason is that priority was to have money to organise the transport routes in Ukraine. Most things in EU side can be solved via volunteer help and support but actual transportation needs fuel and drivers/workers/services.

2) Transport route from Medyka to Lviv is provided by transport company and warehouse services provided by expediter company.

3) Warehouses and related services (loading, unloading, guarding etc) if needed in Lviv.

4) Horse trucks that will drive from Lesna Wola to warehouse in Lviv and back with the horses.

We try our very best to arrange this.