Aid distribution in Ukraine

Humanitarian aid delivered to Ukraine, including different types of feed, haylage, different types of hay and shavings.

Stables in the Lviv region were the first to receive humanitarian aid on March 16, 2022, providing shelter to horses evacuated from combat zones. Namely, the stables of the Lviv Hippodrome, equestrian clubs «Буревістник», «Західно-Український кінний двір».

Then the aid went further to the East to the Khmelnytsky region (Baykiv, Paradis, Dunaivtsi and Ternopil). On 17th March, a truck is planned to arrive to Kyiv (Dynamo). It will be distributed to those stables and clubs, where help is most needed based on the mapping done by our volunteers. The following parameters taken into consideration, when allocating the aid: number of horses, amount of feed left. The priority is given to stables with small quantity of feed left. Volunteers will contact stables and clubs in Kyiv to inform how feed can be picked up from Dynamo.
About three tons also went to Odessa region. Those in the most acute situation will also be contacted to receive aid.
We are currently developing a full-scale logistics system in Ukraine, which will allow to transport much more goods by trucks and/or trains. This will allow us to get to those parts of the country, where it is extremely difficult to bring help, such as Kharkiv. We also work with donators to get a continuous delivery of supplies. Thank you for all donators for your kind help!