Update on supplies (17th March)

Update on latest developments on providing supplies in Ukraine.


Around ~16 tonnes of supplies (feed and shavings) have crossed the border to Ukraine with 3 horse trucks. One was unloaded in our logistics warehouse near Lviv. Two departed towards Kyiv. The priority is to reach the stables who requested help and are in critical situation and also to supply the transport stables that have run low on feed.

Volunteers are collecting and sharing information about the stables who have offered that they can temporarily host horses on the move.

The transport stables are important part of the evacuation scheme but as the horses are moving they now have shortage of feed because of all the visiting horses. The trip from Kyiv to Lviv can take up to 3 days or longer, depending on situations on the road, number of control checkpoints and roadblocks. Therefore horses need to take a rest at some stable during the trip and must make sure the stables who could host horses are not removing their offers because of no hay/feed in the stable.

Warehouse in Lesna Wola has at least 40 tonnes of supplies (constantly growing).

At the same time, multiple shipments are being put together in different countries. Here is one being loaded now by Ross Country Haylage in UK. Setting off to leave on Saturday.

Stay tuned on updates on horse evacuations and about supplies reaching to their destinations.

Thank you!