Transit stable being set up

Through help from the FEI Solidarity Fund, the UEFCF is setting up a stable facility at Lviv with 40 boxes to house horses in transit as we begin to evacuate more horses from danger. These stables will be operational this week.

Stables arriving …
… and being set up.

We continue to work with a number of individuals on both sides of the border to establish more stop over locations for horses. Some horses will go to the west of Ukraine where it is currently safer for them and some will move further west into neighboring counties. We have an ever evolving map available on our website showing these stable offers from within the Ukraine.

We have had very generous offers from a number of logistics/horse transport companies all over Europe but crossing the border into Ukraine remains complex, as you can imagine, for a number of reasons and the logistics of moving horses is extremely challenging inside Ukraine.

We currently have Ukrainian drivers operating shuttle trucks with supplies from our storage facilities at the Polish border to the areas within Ukraine that have requested help and, once the supplies have been delivered to various points within the Ukraine, the trucks can return to the Polish border via pick up points to collect horses that are to be evacuated and take them back to our transit stables.

This is why it is so important that people put their help requests onto our website, because it is this information that we use to plan our supplies and aid trips.

Your donations enable us to provide the supply deliveries, free feed to the drop off points and return journeys to the border for evacuating the horses within the Ukraine for free. The feed in Lviv is free for the horses that are in the temporary stables as we are using your donated bedding, food and hay there as well as in our transit stable in Poland. The horses can also stay for free in our transit stables at the polish border for their transit period of 10 days.

Please keep your donations and offers of help and supplies coming in.

They are making such a difference to the horses and people in Ukraine.

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