Update of July 2022 activities

Press release
9 August 2022

The Ukrainian Equestrian Federation Charity Foundation (UEF-CF) gives the update for July 2022 activities and continues to appeal to the equestrian world to help Ukraine horses.

The UEF-CF management of equine relocations within Ukraine has been restructured – some routes have been closed (e.g. Kiev-Lviv) as the area around Kiev is presently not considered to be as dangerous as it was in the spring of 2022. The current focus is on relocation operations near the frontline or from dangerous areas on a case by case situation.  These have been successfully financed with the help of specific fundraising campaigns.

The trend is that more and more owners and stables are relocating from war zones in the East and South of the country. The war is already too long and all the reserves have been depleted. More and more horse owners and stables are in need of humanitarian aid and support.

The UEF-CF has intensified its efforts in the veterinary care sector in Ukraine. Thanks to the United States Equestrian Federation (USEF) and to the FEI Solidarity Relief Fund, the organisation has received a large amount of urgently needed veterinary medicines worth more than 100 000 Euro. The UEF-CF coordinated the transport of the goods into Ukraine, as well as the distribution of the medicines to the veterinarians within Ukraine.

In July, UEF-CF helped 26 stables with 440 horses with food, this is five to six times lower than in previous months and due to the lack of financial reserves of the organisation and the drop in donations. At the same time, the number of stables asking for help in the form of feed has remained at a stable high level.

Anticipating an increase in hay prices in autumn/winter resulting in a deterioration of the forage situation, UEF-CF has launched a survey on the hay situation in Ukrainian riding stables.  The data collected will enable UEF-CF to assess and understand the hay availability and storage options for feeding horses in Ukraine in autumn and winter 2022/23. The survey will be used to plan humanitarian relief and interventions to support riding stables and clubs to feed their horses. The detailed results of the survey will be announced in the course of August.

Mykhaylo Parkhomchuk, Founder and CEO of the UEF-CF, is concerned about the food situation in autumn and winter:

“Our commitment to the welfare of our horses is strong at all times and without compromise. This year, autumn and winter will be a very difficult and depriving time for the entire Ukrainian horse industry. We anticipate very low hay and feed security, the risk of starvation and neglect of horses. We receive great support from all over the world and the cohesion of people is incredible, but we continue to appeal to the equestrian world to come together and help us with donations and in-kind support to ensure the care of the horses in Ukraine.”

UEF-Charity Foundation:

The UEF Charity Foundation is registered in Belgium and its mission is to help the Ukrainian equestrian community during the crisis. The Foundation works closely with the FEI and National Equestrian Federations. For all the latest information and activities visit https://helpukrainehorses.eu/

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