FEEVA raises funds to rescue Ukrainian horses from starvation

The campaign is run in cooperation with the Ukrainian Equestrian Charity Foundation (UECF) and it will help fund the purchase and distribution of locally produced quality hay for horses in Ukraine.

All raised funds will be used to purchase and distribute hay to horses in the most vulnerable regions close to war zones, where in addition to severe economic issues there are also military actions-caused obstacles preventing harvesting and transporting hay. Horses also don’t have access to grazing due to the war.

To donate: FEEVA / UECF Hay for Ukrainian horses

Every 75 EUR raised is enough
to feed 1 horse / 1 month

Every horse matters

Hay is needed in more than 100 stables in the frontline regions. More than 800 horses are at risk of starvation.

The Ukrainian Equestrian Charity Foundation have block booked quality hay and prepared everything for distribution. Horses need support for 1-2 month to survive over winter until pastures and fields can be used.

This request is urgent since most of the stables asking for humanitarian aid have only a little food left and are at a high risk of starvation. Please support us if you can!

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