Ukrainian Equestrian Federation Charity Foundation

Foundation is registered in Belgium and its mission is to help the Ukrainian equestrian community during the crisis. The Foundation works closely with the FEI and national equestrian federations.

Our first task is to open the hotline for equestrians in Ukraine and people and organisations offering help to Ukrainians.

The second task is to start coordinating help and operations in Ukraine, offering counselling and and other needs-based assistance.

Please note: when collecting offers of help and requests for help we process personal data (name and contact details). We will keep data confidential and share the data only upon consent from the data owner. All materials will be stored securely and we will take all necessary measures to protect the data entrusted to us. We use data only for the purpose of helping Ukrainian equestrian community and assisting the Ukrainian people in saving their horses. We will destroy the personal data as soon as we there are no grounds to hold and use the data.