When was the organization founded?

UE-CF was founded on 28th of February, 2022. See official record in Belgium registry: BCE database

How do we work? 

Our focus is currently on 3 areas:

  • providing feed and supplies for horses – we have set up logistics network to produce feed in Ukraine and bring donated horse feed and other supplies to Ukraine and to transport the supplies in various locations in Ukraine for distribution. The requests for feed is gathered online and distribution is organised according to the needs. The information about who received the aid is also published online.
  • relocating horses – we operate transit stables and horse transport trucks to provide options for relocating horses into safer areas.
  • facilitating information – we gather the help offers and help request, operate public announcement boards, publish information about evacuation options and share information with donors and partners. We work closely with FEI, EEF, national federations and number of charity organisations, share information about the needs and ways to support.

Note that we are not sending donated funds to private persons – this is not allowed. We cannot also help with paperwork/documents or border crossing procedures – foundation has no authority in these matters.


Have UE-CF received money from the FEI Solidarity Fund?

No, UE-CF does not receive direct financial aid from FEI or FEI Solidarity Relief Fund. FEI has set aside a CHF 1 Million FEI Solidarity Relief Fund for the equestrian community in Ukraine. The distribution of the FEI Solidarity Relief funding is being managed internally by the FEI with allocations made on a case by case basis, and approved by the FEI Executive Board.

The FEI Solidarity liaises closely with the UE-CF in order to facilitate and coordinate logistical support. For example, FEI has provided temporary stables set up near Lviv that UE-CF operated as transit stables, free of charge for equestrians and their horses. See also:

What are the donations used for?

Monetary donations are being used:

  • Supplies transportation trucks that bring supplies across the border
  • Supplies transportation trucks that distribute supplies in Ukraine
  • Operating logistics points (load/unload, guarding etc.)
  • Warehouse rent in Ukraine (for storing feed donations)
  • Horse trucks that relocate horses to safer areas in Ukraine (for example to transit stable near Lviv or other locations that we establish routes with)
  • Operating shelter stable near Rivne
  • Producing compound feed in Ukraine