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UKRAINIAN HORSES in ROMANIA (updated 16 March 2022)

Ukrainian horses are welcomed in Romania! FULL DETAILS!

Trying to rescue as many animals as possible from Ukraine, we would like to make the following remarks regarding the procedures for them to enter Romania.

🐴According with the National Sanitary Veterinary and Food Safety Authority (ANSVSA) derogation given by the European Commission, that were communicated and enabled, horses can travel from Ukraine and enter Romanian territory with the following requests:
☑️ – with authorised horse transport vehicles
☑️ – microchipped and with passports
☑️ – followed by their owners (or with power of attorney towards the transporter)
☑️ – knowing before the transport the destination, which has to be an exploitation facility (equestrian club, stud farm, animal farm, menagerie) which has to be authorised veterinary-sanitary and registered in TRACES system.…/o-noua-derogare-privind…/

Once the animals will arrive at the new place, they will be blood sampled by the official vet and will be quarantined for 30 days.

🐕🐈Regarding pets (dogs, cats, ferrets), they have to be joined by their health certificate. If this does not exist, the following form has to be completed:…/extinderea-derogarii-pentru…/

Those interested in coming with their horses in Romania, can contact our colleagues:
📞 Andreea Sîrbu tel. +40726209326
📞 Cornelia Vîrgolici tel. +40726808613

To get in contact with Romanian National Sanitary Veterinary and Food Safety Authority (ANSVSA):

Phone: (+4) 0372184977


Update 8th March – how to cross the border with horse from Ukraine to Poland

Which border crossing – only Korczowa!

What documents are needed – passport, chip and health certificate with tests. Talks about simplifying procedures are in progress, today there are no changes. If Polish regulations are changed, the health certificate would not be necessary.  

How to do a health certificate – there is a veterinarian at the border and temporary stables where you can do tests, please contact veterinarian Mikołaj Adamski phone +380 96 276 23 86. These tests take about 4 days, possibly longer due to the queue. 

​If you are standing in a queue to cross the border with your horse or want to get there – call Jakub Krzysztofiak, he speaks Ukrainian, he will provide all the necessary information, phone  +48 606 509 957.

Chip – probably you can chip a horse on the Polish side; if necessary, please ask Jakub Krzysztofiak.


Anyone, who can, please help us to gather up-to-date information regarding current rules for Slovakia, Hungary, Moldova and any other useful details about crossing (also for Romania and Poland).

We opened comments section for gathering this information. We can accept only information that has references to official sources from official sites as we lack resources to validate correctness. When information is available in different languages, please add links to other languages as well, especially if in Ukrainian. Thank you!

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