There are many horses caught up in this war, with no possibility to flee and seek safety, with no shelter and care. By making donation you will provide the Ukrainian equestrian community a hope for a better future and save lives of the Ukrainians and their loved ones.

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Recipient: Ukrainian Equestrian Federation Charity Foundation

Recipient legal address: Velodroomstraat(HRT) 22, 2200 Herentals, Belgium

Recipient IBAN: BE64103078675152

Recipient bank country: Belgium

Recipient bank BIC: NICABEBB

Recipient bank: Crelan Bank

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We will keep informing you on the progress we are doing, on the activities launched and the use of funds. Follow our news section, Facebook and Twitter.

3 reasons why donations are important

Nr 1 – distributing feed donations and organizing logistics in Ukraine

The costs of transportation and logistic to get the donated feed from Poland to Ukraine and deliver it to the recipients is covered by monetary donations from our supporters. The average cost to get truckload of feed transported to Ukraine and distributed, is around 1500€. As of beginning of August 2022, we have delivered more than 1200 tonnes of feed and shavings to more than 170 stables and clubs in Ukraine, including the occupied areas.

Nr 2 – evacuating horses from dangerous areas to safety

We use donations to cover the transportation costs of horses, bringing them to Lviv and/or Rivne oblast.

Nr 3 – providing shelters for evacuated horses in Lviv and Rivne

Feed, bedding, and free stabling is available for the horses. In Lviv, we have 40 boxes and in Rivne 60 boxes for evacuated horses. This is only possible because of the kind donations from all around the world.