UPDATE! As the needs are constantly changing, we will mark currently most needed types of supplies with bold, in below.

Step by step instructions:

1. Select a one of the web shops in Poland
  1. Bedding Allegro (in English, NB! best for UK, reported to not work from USA with credit card)
  2. Natural grass and other feed – Allegro
  3. Chaff – feedme-sklep.pl – (accepts credit cards)
    • NB! use discount code “ukraina” for 8% discount
  4. Haylage – StHyppolyt
  5. Compound feed – NubaEqui
  6. Haylage – Polski Żłób
  7. Compund feed – Sukces
  8. Alfaalfa, basic feed, compound feed- Eggersmann
    • Reported to work from UK
  9. Chaff
    1. animalia.pl
    2. nubaequi.pl
    3. pro-linen-shop.pl
  10. Hay cubes
    1. zdrowy-kon.pl
    2. hayloft.pl
    3. pro-linen-shop.pl
    4. paszenasze.pl
  11. Haylage
    1. hayloft.pl
    2. sklep.hippovet.pl – confirmed working from Sweden

If you have large quantities or experience difficulties with orders, please contact the shops directly (they know, what we are doing and will be very glad to help):

Nuba Equi – e-mail: equi@nuba.pl phone: +48 782 888 000 

Feedme – e-mail: feedme.sklep@gmail.com instagram: https://www.instagram.com/feedme.sklep/  phone: +48 666 818 688

2. Add to shopping basket and pay
3. Add the delivery address (one of following):

LESNA WOLA ul. Leśna Wola 8
36–060 Głogów Małopolski, Poland


Andrii Husiak
+48 889 194 993

4. Report your donation of feed here

Your help will be delivered to Ukraine and distributed to stables based on needs – reports on feed shortages. We will post videos on photos for all deliveries to Ukraine.

Note: As we have not managed yet to try out the ordering process in different shops, please help to crowdsource this information. We opened comments in this page, please comment which shops worked for ordering so that others will know.

  • Note down the country from where you ordered
  • Delivery date that shop was showing (if it was)
  • Any instructions for others
  • No need to add comment if someone already confirmed in comments that it is working
  • Thank you for help!

59 responses to “Donate feed (en)”

  1. I am tryin to buy some haylage from one of the link you have added but it won’t come before the 8 or 9 of march. Would you go back again?

    • Yes, this is all ok, the base will operate as long as there is need and we will use every opportunity to cross. Basically to establish constant deliveries over the border. There is logistics point in UA side that handles the distribution and organising transport within the country (most challenging work)

    • I’m really sorry about the issues with buying from the sites. We had to publish them without validation in order to ensure first shipments arrive by the time we can transfer over border. The bank account for donations should be finalized any day now in Belgium. We will update also the list of shops and some of the shops are already working on adding English language as well as extending the payment options. I’ll update the list as soon as we have info.

  2. The order of Allegro products from Germany does not work, unfortunately. The contact phone number will not be accepted.

  3. Really struggling to use the buying sites – can I donate to you directly and you could order? Sorry!!

  4. I’m trying to buy from Allegro but get as far as having to download the 350 page t&c with no accept button.

    • I wasn’t able to use Allegro either it cancelled my payment. It did change language to polish during the payment part so I might have done something wrong. I’ll try another site!

  5. Trying to order from https://pro-linen-shop.pl/ but their system does not honour the free of charge delivery over 600 PLN. So I have reached out to them waiting for reply but the delivery won’t make it before the 9th. I will order elsewhere if this doesn’t work.

    • Thanks! Note that there will be additional crossings after 9th. We will post in the page and social media regarding stockpile and needs.

  6. Thank you for your efforts! I’m working on 200 bales of haylage from a site you posted. Don’t know if will arrive on time for first transport, but happy to know that there will be more.

  7. I am finding it difficult to order from my location in the United Arab Emirates, can I donate directly?

    • Yes, we can accept donations as soon as bank account procedures for foundation are finalized. Hopefully in coming days. Please check back in the website or social media. Thank you!

  8. I just paid directly to Compund feed – Sukces (Wytwórnia Pasz ‘Morawski). Made order last night, they sent me proforma this morning, paid on their account and sent them confirmation. Hope this will work and that they will deliver feed to Lesna Wola.

  9. Allegro works fine in english, you are able to change languages under “my allegro” (on my phone it’s in the righ bottom menu), also there were no problems with the adress. You are able to pay with both visa/master and paypal. You will get an delivery date, however no time of deliviery. I am hopefull the carrier will call the contact persons number. Love from Norway.

  10. Just used the Allegro website from the UK and ordered 3x 22kgs of Alfalfa – pretty straightforward, just check the information as you fill it in, it will tell you if what you have entered is incorrect, it is difficult as it’s not in our usual ‘UK’ format but the website accepted the details without issue. I had to set up my information on the account as being the UK and then added the Polish contact as the delivery address, all gone through fine as far as I can tell. Wish it could be more, such a brilliant thing you’re doing to help! I tried to send haylage but the websites selling haylage don’t seem to take UK cards, so Allegro worked the best for me.

    • Hi Helene, some of the feed companies have a bank transfer as one of their payment methods and that seems pretty straight forward, so please don’t be put off trying to order haylage. Thanks so much for helping the poor horses.

  11. I’m in the United States. I’m working on a fundraiser to send money to the Ukrainian Federation. Who may I exchange messages with to get the donors the “tax exemption” and make sure the funds go directly to helping the horses and their owners?

    • Thank you very much! Please write to our secretary general (parkhomchuk.m@icloud.com), he will connect to financial specialist. In case you can assist and are knowable about what is needed from the taxation / paperwork perspective from United States in order to donate, then would be glad if you can contribute with this. I think short overview or guide would be helpful for everyone. If possible, please write support@helpukrainehorses.eu so that we can have connection (sorry, if it will take us time to answer, we need to prioritize help request from Ukraine first at the moment). Thank you!

    • Yes, we are still working on getting bank account procedures finalized for the foundation. Will update immediately in website and social channels once available.

  12. I used number 7 link (Eggersmann ) in the UK for Meadow Hay – search at the top for ‘siano’. They were very helpful on facebook to try and process order. Also opening the page in google chrome to translate was helpful.

    • Hello, I would like to donate extra feed, this time from Eggersmann (I’m in the UK), but this time for some reason Google didn’t translate the website into English (even though my Google settings are set to translate all languages and it works fine on the other feed merchant sites). How did you manage to view the Eggersmann website in English please?

    • Hello Rebecca, you can use all sites from feed companies that offer a bank transfer. I emailed the feed company called Hippovet, because I had the same problem. I guess it’s because some feed companies never set their website up for international orders, as most horse feed gets sold just within their own country. Very helpful reply from Hippovet. I also emailed the Allegro website, as they were out of stock of some items and again received a prompt reply to say they would re-stock very soon and to check their website again the next day. Very helpful.

  13. I ordered Horsediner Haylage at Hayloft.pl from The Netherlands. With some help from Google Translate it was very easy. I selected banktransfer as payment method, received an e-mail with payment details and was able to transfer the money with the app of my own bank. I hope you receive it on time as there was no information on date of shipping.

  14. I’m in the US and having problems with using my credit card on the Polish websites. Does anyone know of a place I can order feed and pay with PayPal?

    • Hello Elizabeth, I too had the same problem, I’m in the UK, so I emailed the feed supplier and they said just process the order as normal, then at the end when it comes to payment choices, you can do a direct bank transfer. As an aside, I was impressed with the quick response from them. I guess some feed companies never set their website up for international orders. Nobody could have predicted this tragedy. Thank you for helping. I have also shared the website with all my horsey friends, asking them so forward to all their horsey friends and so on. This way the feed donations will mushroom. Thanks for caring

      • Hi Judith,
        Success! I called my credit card company, and they authorized the purchase on Allegro. I encourage anyone who has trouble to call their credit card company or bank.
        Thank you!

  15. Hi Guys, I ordered 40kg Alfaalfa via Amazon (the suggested websites didnt work) to the adress above.
    We feed our horses the same product (Agrobs Luzerne cobs) in case the directions of use are just in german, just soak it with lots of warm water before serving. Should be out for delivery March 11th. All the best from Munich, Tamina

  16. Hi I have been ordering from Hippovet from the UK,
    this link is for single shavings
    this link is for pallet of 18 shavings
    If you email this address biuro@hippovet.pl they are really helpful and keen to get as much feed/bedding to Lesna Wola as possible to help, I ordered haylage and shavings Sun/Mon and it was delivered today so they are very quick.

  17. I ordered chaff and compound feed from Polski Zlob. I paid by bank transfer (you need to email them on their website for their bank details, they’ll reply quickly). You can also pay by credit card, but Visa MasterCard only. To get to the credit card stage on their payment page, you will need to opt for ” On-line payments Przelewy24″ on the payment page, which eventually gets you to be able to select Credit Card from the left hand column on the final payment page. Free shipping on my order. And they do bundle deals, you can buy chaff and haylage together at a cheaper price. Select Chaff from their drop-down menu and scroll down.

  18. From Finland, order to eggersman went through, I hope. With a little guessing in Polish. Bank Transfer worked if you put the correct IBAN prefix PL (delivery address as stated above). Hope it went ok and goes to the right place 🙂 Thank you for all you do

  19. I have just used Allegro to buy haylage – should arrive with you on the 9th March. Seemed to all work fine from the UK.

  20. Polski Zlob now do PayPal.
    When you go to the payment page, you can choose a (bank transfer) or “Online Payments Przelewy 24”, that takes you to various online payment options.
    On the left hand side you’ll find Credit card, click on it to open the Visa MasterCard option.
    Or click on BLIK (above the credit card option), that takes you to PayPal.

  21. (USA) I used feedme.sklep.pl to donate 4 bags of chaff, I used the Wise app to pay for the feed – If it works, and the money transfers, then I will donate more.

  22. Ordered from Hayloft from South Africa and paid with Payoneer Mastercard in USD. To pay with credit card click on the first Paypal option, then scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on the black Karta… bar (below the yellow PayPal bar). I filled in my details and those showed up in the shipping address (although I did select Pick up as requested), so hopefully the order will be dispatched to the Polish address to help horses in Ukraine.

    • Yes, transports will be stay going. Everything will be taken across the border. We try to establish also route that takes bigger load at the time or deliver through railway.

  23. I ordered from feedme-sklep.pl and I believe it went through. I did it as a bank transfer (traditional) and set delivery to the drop location outlined on the site. Says ship date is est. 48 hours. I hope it gets to you in Głogów Małopolski. I left a note saying it was for the Ukrainian Relief effort. (3 bags haylage)

  24. It so wonderful even in these horrid times that people come together to try to help out even with the horses etc

  25. I ordered compound Feed and alfalfa with Nubi Équipe. I paid via Bank transfer adding PL at the beginnning of the IBAN. Hopefully it will work

  26. Hi, did anyone form The Netherlands successfully buy food? From which website and by which payment method? Thanks!

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