Coordinating the aid

Because the logistics routes and ability to load/unload changes constantly, we need register and track each incoming shipment before we can accept it.

Before sending supplies, please get in contact with our logistics by filling this pre-registration form.

We can currently accept only 3 types of aid:

  • Haylage in small packages weighing up to 30 kg.
  • Compound feed for horses (muesli / horsefood) in bags weighing up to 30 kg.
  • Sawdust (shaving) pressed in packing up to 30 kg.

Please use euro pallets for loading. The industrial pellets are too heavy to handle in places without proper equipment. If supplies are not loaded to pallets, then it will be very challenging to handle them as the loading time windows are small and there is shortage of workforce.

After filling the form, you will be contacted with the instructions on where to send the shipment and the documentation needed.

Please do not send any shipments before confirming with us and getting exact information about the destination.

Due to overload in logistic points, the supplies are loaded from truck-to-truck. It means that suitable truck from Ukraine must meet any supplies shipment in Poland. When it is not confirmed and arranged, the shipment cannot be unloaded.

The needs

Our volunteers are gathering and validating help request from equestrians. Here is the overview of needs for horse food and shavings (as of 05.05.2022).

The logistics